Initial Training - England - 6th September 1941

No. 8 Initial Training Wing

Newquay - Cornwall

Tom and many others volunteering for the R.A.F. would have assembled at an Initial Training Wing (ITW). Tom Fee and possibly my grandfather were very probably staying at 'The Crescent Hotel' or 'Beach View' in Island Crescent overlooking Towan Beach.

A course followed of approximately 10 weeks which including lectures and grading in maths, navigation, signalling in morse (sending and receiving using a morse buzzer and Aldis lamp), hygiene, law and administration, arithmetic, aircraft and ship recognition and anti-gas.

My grandfather wrote his marks and final score on the back of the ITW photograph;


Having passed these exams Tom was now a LAC - Leading Aircraftsman.

The Initial Training Wings must have been processing massive amounts of potential aircrew as this excerpt from No. 7 Initial Training Wing's record book from the Public Record Office;

June 14          124 u/t pilots posted to Arnold No. 2
July 31           70 u/t pilots posted overseas for training in the U.S.A.
Aug 1             50 u/t pilots posted to U.S.A. for training
Aug 20            82 u/t pilots posted to U.S.A. for training
Sep 1             40 u/t pilots posted to U.S.A. for training
Sep 19            50 u/t pilots posted to U.S.A. for training
Nov 15            41 u/t pilots posted form UNIT for training in the U.S.A.

Tom could have been in any one of these pilot groups. He may have missed the following rather alarming statement...

On October 1 instructions were ordered;


INTENTION - It is not the intention to use cadets as infantrymen so that in the event of invasion every effort is to be made
to extricate all personnel from Cornwall. Training is to be carried on until invasion is imminent, therefore no movement will take
place until the order "ACTION STATIONS" has been received.

ACTION STATIONS - On the receipt of this order, unless a cancellation to these instructions is received from high authority
the WING will proceed on foot to the Wadebridge Railway Station at short or immediate notice.

I copied the following busy daily routines from No. 7 ITW from a Public Record Office document:-

STATION ROUTINE: Monday to Saturday                                                                   Sunday

Reveille 06:30 hrs
Breakfast 07:00 hrs
First Working Parade 07:55 hrs
Sick Parade 08:00 hrs
Break 10:15 - 10:45 hrs
Cease Work 12:30 hrs
Dinner 12:45 hrs
Second Working Parade 13:30 hrs
Cease Work 18:00 hrs
Tea/Supper 18:15 hrs
Tattoo Roll Call 22:00 hrs
Staff Parade 22:15 hrs
Lights Out 22:30 hrs
Reveille 07:00 hrs
Breakfast 07:45 hrs
Sick Parade 09:30 hrs
Church Parade
Dinner 12:45 hrs
Tea 16:00 hrs
Supper 18:30 - 19:30 hrs
Roll Call 22:00 hrs
Staff Parade 22:15 hrs
Lights Out 22:30 hrs